Ultrafast Dynamics

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Junior research group of Bernd Schütte at Max-Born-Institut

We study and control ultrafast dynamics using femtosecond to attosecond pulses.

Attosecond XUV nonlinear optics

We generate intense attosecond pulse to perform attosecond-pump attosecond-probe and XUV nonlinear optics experiments.

XUV refractive optics

We develop and apply refractive lenses and prisms for extreme-ultraviolet (XUV) light. In contrast to th evisible regime where glass lenses and prisms are used, we generate atomic or moelcular jets to focus or spectrally disperse XUV beams. See our recent publication in Nature for more information: Link

Ultrafast nanoplasma dynamics

We study the interaction of ultrashort intense laser pulses with atomic and molecular clusters, and watch their light-induced explosion. In order to induce and follow the dynamics of these nanoparticles, we use laser pulses that have extremely different “colors” from the soft X-ray to the terahertz range. In the Research section, you can find current results from this exciting field.